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Author Topic: iPhone Owner Creates Custom 'Centriphone' String Powered Action Filming Device  (Read 1397 times)


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Proving yet again how creative some iPhone owners can be, Nicolas Vuigner, a 25 year old ski aficionado from Switzerland wanted to film himself while taking on the slopes with his iPhone.  His solution?  He put together his own iPhone stabilizing apparatus he dubs 'Centriphone' and consisting of a series of strings tied to the corners of the iPhone which he then proceeds to swing around him as he skis.  The result?  Pretty amazing!  By utilizing the slow motion setting at 240fps on his iPhone and doing some nifty editing to music the result above will surely inspire others to try and emulate his feat.  Nicolas says he didn't break one iPhone during the entire process of testing or shooting, but we'd probably think it would void his warranty if he had.  Want to make one of your own?  Nicolas says he plans on making a 3d printable template available soon so others can do so.  We just hope people don't start swinging their phones around while walking down the street...it could get dangerous out there!

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