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Author Topic: Google Paid Apple $1 Billion To Keep Its Search Bar On The iPhone  (Read 742 times)


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With the epic rivalry that has existed between the iPhone and Google's Android it might seem a bit of a mystery why Apple's search bar uses Google as it's search engine of choice.  Well some recently released legal documents shed some light on just why this is, how it has come about and how it benefits both companies.  The documents were released as part of transcripts for a lawsuit between Oracle and Google and as of 2014 Google was paying Apple a cool $1 Billion.  In addition it appears that according to some of the released testimony Google pays Apple 34% of profits it reaps from having its search on Apple devices. It's unclear from the transcripts if this amount has gone up since 2014 but it shows that it's a mutually beneficial relationship between the two companies and it would make sense for Apple, which lacks a search engine as proficient as Google's, to reap these profits from Google's prominent placement on Apple devices.  It also raises the question as to whether Apple might at some point in the future choose to forgo using Google and instead use its own search solution. 

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