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Author Topic: MKBHD Talks About The 'No Headphone Jack' Rumor For The iPhone 7  (Read 735 times)


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One of the newer, more persistent rumors that have been making the rounds about the iPhone 7 is that it will come sans headphone jack.  The reasoning goes that by using either a wireless protocol for headphones and getting rid of the headphone jack it will enable the company to make a yet thinner device.  In addition it would leave the option open to using some kind of adapter with the lightnight port for those that still want to use their wired headphones.  Marques Brownlee, the resident prince of tech bloggers gives us his take on what's behind the reasoning of leaving the headphone jack off of the iPhone 7 and what his opinion about it is.  What do you think?  Would it be a good idea or not and would you be ok with having your current wired headphones made obsolete on the new iPhone?

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