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Author Topic: Save The Date: Apple To Hold Event March 15th For New 4 Inch iPhone Plus iPad 3  (Read 738 times)


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A flood of leaks filled the iOS-phere today about Apple's next product launch event.  Tuesday, March 15th is the date we're told that the company will introduce a 4 inch iPhone, rumored to be named the iPhone 5se.  Also on tap for introduction is reportedly a new iPad, the first in two years and tentatively named the iPad 3.  Finally, some other possible intros include some new fangled Apple Watch bands and perhaps even some additional colors of the Apple Watch and maybe some other surprises. 

What we know about the new hardware is of course speculation and rumors at this point but all signs point to the iPhone 5SE to resemble the iPhone 5 but with a more rounded look and featuring the innards of the iPhone 6, including an A8 system on a chip.  The iPad 3 reportedly will feature some of the new features of the iPad Pro such as multiple speakers as well as an LED flash on back and possibly a new smart connector.  Official invites have yet to go out for the event and as usual it'll be interesting to see if the artwork of the announcement hints at any other surprise introductions.  We'll give you the latest as soon as we hear...


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