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Proving yet again how creative some iPhone owners can be, Nicolas Vuigner, a 25 year old ski aficionado from Switzerland wanted to film himself while taking on the slopes with his iPhone.  His solution?  He put together his own iPhone stabilizing apparatus he dubs 'Centriphone' and consisting of a series of strings tied to the corners of the iPhone which he then proceeds to swing around him as he skis.  The result?  Pretty amazing!  By utilizing the slow motion setting at 240fps on his iPhone and doing some nifty editing to music the result above will surely inspire others to try and emulate his feat.  Nicolas says he didn't break one iPhone during the entire process of testing or shooting, but we'd probably think it would void his warranty if he had.  Want to make one of your own?  Nicolas says he plans on making a 3d printable template available soon so others can do so.  We just hope people don't start swinging their phones around while walking down the street...it could get dangerous out there!

'Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars' is pretty awesome.  It's an older title with hand-drawn graphics that takes you on a long, novel like mystery throughout the world in the persona of two lead characters that unravel a number of murders and a world-wide conspiracy.  It starts off in Paris and you play a journalist names Nico Collard...but it soon leads to other exotic locations and cities and other characters are involved.  Kind of a cross between an old Agatha Christie novel with some Indiana Jones adventure thrown in.  There's also a sequel but I forget the name.  Here's a link on iTunes to the original:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/broken-sword-1-shadow-templars/id350353259?mt=8


A new wireless MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) lets you use two different numbers on the same iPhone.  This could be a boon to those who have both a personal and business number and they'd prefer to have both numbers go to the same phone rather than having to carry around two.  MAST is a new wireless provider that uses the Sprint network to offer you unique two number on one phone features.  For instance, depending on who you are calling the phone will intelligently know which number to use and which image and info to show the receiver.  You can also use one voicemail for both lines, simplifying message retrieval.  Of course perhaps best of all you have just one bill...and one expense for both personal and business instead of having to have two phones and two accounts. 

Now there are ways to have a second number forwarded to one phone or to use a virtual number such as Google Voice, but this seems like a more elegant...and full featured solution all around.  If you live in New York City, where the service is initiating service and you're one of the first 250 people to sign up they'll even give you a free iPhone as part of your subscription.  Plans start as low as $50/month but if you're one of these first 250 it's only $20/month at least for now.  Find out more at the MAST link below.

MAST Wireless


A new Apple patent uncovered by the site Apple Insider hints at a 3D Touch enabled 'home button' that seems to lay the groundwork for possible use without a physical button at all.  The patent, which can be seen below, shows how an additional layer that would perceive 'force' could be implemented below the 'Touch ID' layer that currently identifies fingerprints.   The images seem to suggest this could be implemented not only in a physical version but in a button-less version where the 'button' would simply appear on screen and be 'pressed' by a user with varying force to emulate the function of a physical home button.

If true and if the company can perfect the technology this would open up the possibility of having a true edge to edge, top to bottom display on the iPhone where the 'button' would appear in certain scenarios such as locking and unlocking the phone or when used for certain app functions, but could also 'disappear' completely when watching a movie, web browsing or playing a game.  Of course Apple files lots of patents that never make it into products but this is one that seems a sure bet to be implemented in some form in the future considering the company's push to enable 3D touch in multiple devices.

US Patent Office


iPhone and Social Media / Re: How does Bumble work?
« on: February 04, 2016, 01:57:17 PM »
It's just like Tinder..only real difference is that after there's a match only the girl can initiate conversation.  Then the guy can reply.  There's also a time-limit of like 24hrs before the match expires but the guy can extend this by one day per match.  Pretty simple really.


A flood of leaks filled the iOS-phere today about Apple's next product launch event.  Tuesday, March 15th is the date we're told that the company will introduce a 4 inch iPhone, rumored to be named the iPhone 5se.  Also on tap for introduction is reportedly a new iPad, the first in two years and tentatively named the iPad 3.  Finally, some other possible intros include some new fangled Apple Watch bands and perhaps even some additional colors of the Apple Watch and maybe some other surprises. 

What we know about the new hardware is of course speculation and rumors at this point but all signs point to the iPhone 5SE to resemble the iPhone 5 but with a more rounded look and featuring the innards of the iPhone 6, including an A8 system on a chip.  The iPad 3 reportedly will feature some of the new features of the iPad Pro such as multiple speakers as well as an LED flash on back and possibly a new smart connector.  Official invites have yet to go out for the event and as usual it'll be interesting to see if the artwork of the announcement hints at any other surprise introductions.  We'll give you the latest as soon as we hear...


A new report came out today regarding the iPhone 7 design and from what we're hearing it seems the company is looking to listen to some of the complaints of having a protruding camera 'bump' where the lens is and is looking to make the back flat with the new model.  In addition the company will reposition the unflattering antenna band lines more to the side, leaving the back free of clutter. 

Now the above 'mockup' by MacRumors is of the a single lens iPhone 7 but as many of you know if you've been following the news reports lately, Apple is thinking of producing a dual lens design, but perhaps only offering it on the larger, iPhone 7 Plus model.  This would make sense as it would enable the company to upsell current iPhone 6 owners to the more expensive and larger screened plus model and use the upgraded camera with dual lenses as a differentiator to justify the greater cost in addition to the larger screen.   

Of course all this won't play out until later this year in the fall when Apple traditionally introduces its new flagship iPhones.  In the meantime on March 15th it is expected that Apple will hold an event where it will introduce a smaller, 4 inch 'iPhone 5se' as well as a new iPad, the 'iPad 3'.  We're of course give you all the latest info as we find out right here.  What are your thoughts on the iPhone 7 rumors?


Bloomberg is reporting that Apple could come out with its own wireless charging solution for iPhone as soon as next year.  The analyst reports that Apple has not come out with a wirelessly charging iPhone as of yet, even though the technology is widely available, because it has decided that current wireless charging through a mat or similar close-contact protocol such as Qi is simply not a big enough convenience.  The company is reportedly working on 'wireless charging from a distance' which is something that has been experimented with before by some other companies but faces some technical challenges to be effective. 

In theory the idea is to work similar to a wireless signal where as long as an iPhone was within a certain distance...perhaps a meter or two...of a power transmitting device or station the iPhone could be charged.  The company has suggested in a filed patent that an iMac computer could possibly be used as a power transmitting station as one example  This would mean the phone could be left in a person's pocket or simply placed in a room or on a desk somewhat near the power transmitter instead of precisely set down on a specific spot or mat as is now the case with such charging stations using Qi. 

There are a few different technologies which are being developed for this 'at a distance' wireless charging.   In fact Nicola Tesla himself experimented with this tech.  Some of the modern companies and technologies besides Apple related to this work include include Witricity and MIT's MagMIMO. If Apple can pull this off and create a safe, but effective wireless charging from a distance technology in the iPhone, it could be a real game changer.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that they perfect it.


New Member Introductions / Re: Hello
« on: January 28, 2016, 09:10:47 PM »
welcone zcars12!  Glad you found us.  We're looking forward to the iPhone 7 as well.  Can't wait to see what they've got in store for us.


The iPhone 6 and 6S have two of the best cameras in the smartphone world.  Many an amateur and even professional photographer has taken spectacular shots with the iPhone's camera.  But as with any smartphone camera there's tradeoff's to be made with the camera tech to fit in the slim profile of the iPhone.  One of these tradeoffs is the inability to get a truly wide-angle view which can be truly useful in a lot of situations from landscape and outdoor shots to crowd shots or close ups to large objects such as a building where you're trying to fit everything in.  One great solution is the Aukey Wide Angle Optic Pro Lens which you can see above and below.  This lens, which features aluminum construction together with a 5 element, 4 group HD lens lets you either clip the lens directly over your iPhone 6/6S camera or to be mounted on an included case which then fits on your iPhone.

Now without the case if using the clip you have to be careful to line up the lens with the existing iPhone lens but once you do the results are pretty outstanding.  When using the case with the lens mounted it's a little easier, although the case itself doesn't really provide as much protection around the display as Apple 'Made For iPhone' cases so you'll probably just want to use it while using the lens and then revert back to your old case.  Regardless...it's a pretty elegant solution to achieve some really great wide angle shots with your existing iPhone camera.  Above you can see two shots...one with and one without the wide angle adapter....there's quite a difference.

Having this ability can really open up your photo potential on vacations or around town.  Normally priced at $99, you can get the Aukey Wide Angle Lens along with the case and clip all in a kit for just $49.99 on Amazon at the link below.  Aukey also offers other kits such as a telephoto so we've put a link to both below.  Definitely worth checking out if you're a photo aficionado and want to make your iPhone's great camera even more great.


iPhone 5 General Discussion / Re: How much is an iPhone 5 worth?
« on: January 28, 2016, 03:22:57 PM »

boa tarde!

envia para o brasil?


good afternoon! send to Brazil?


This board is for all discussion topics related to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus phones.

iPhone 5se Rumors And Discussion / Welcome to the iPhone 5se Forum!
« on: January 27, 2016, 03:28:37 PM »
Apple is rumored to be releasing a new 4 inch model of the iPhone that is rumored to be called the iPhone 5se.  This new model is expected to in essence contain the internal hardware of an iPhone 6 or 6s but in a body that is similar in design and size to the iPhone 5 or 5s.  This board is for all discussions pertaining to this new iPhone model.  If it turns out to have a different name after it is introduced we'll modify the board appropriately at that time. 


An interesting rumor is being reported today from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo at KGI securities.  According to Ming-Chi, the iPhone 7 Plus will feature a dual camera system powered by LinX Technology, which Apple acquired last year.  This technology uses dual lenses or even more that offer various apertures and then combine images which include more image data than a single mobile phone lens could capture.  Ming-Chi also thinks that the iPhone 7 Plus could offer a 2-3x optical zoom.  This dual camera LinX iSight array might be in only one of two iPhone 7 Plus models, perhaps with one being sold as a premium version with the new camera tech and the other featuring a standard Sony camera module that would also be in the 4.7 inch iPhone 7.  None of this is confirmed of course but it would make sense for Apple to utilize some of the technology it purchased from the company.

LinX Tech


Apple had their first fiscal quarter sales call yesterday and while the company reported record profits of $18.4 billion on revenues of $75.9 billion, iPhone sales were only up about 1 percent which is the slowest year over year growth for the iPhone since its release in 2007.  In addition the company forecast  its first revenue decline in more than a decade with CEO Tim Cook saying "We’re seeing extreme conditions, unlike anything we’ve experienced before, just about everywhere we look,” and saying the environment was 'challenging'.  There has been a lot of speculation as to whether Apple could keep up the record breaking growth it has sustained for over a decade ever since the passing of Steve Jobs several years ago.  On a brighter note, the company announced that for the first time there were over 1 billion Apple devices in use.  That's an impressive number and about 1/7 of the world's population.

Many analysts believe the company is entering a new slower growth phase that a mature company like Apple should be expected to enter considering its size.  But it also raises questions about whether the company is able to create new segment defining innovative products that were the hallmark of Steve Jobs years at the helm of the company.  With over $200 billion in cash reserves nobody is feeling bad for the company, but it'll be interesting to see if Mr. Cook can jump start the company with such rumored new products as an Apple Car...or if we're in a new age with Apple introducing incremental improvements to the iPhone and iPad for years to come.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and if you have a great new product line idea for Apple...let us hear about it!


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