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The folks over at iphone-tricks.com have come out with a slick iPhone 7 concept video that we really wish were the real thing.  Featuring a slick bezel-less display this concept shows a number of cool features and software improvements that we hope to see on future versions of the iPhone, although whether they'll really appear in the iPhone 7 is anyone's guess.  Chief among these improvements include a touch id that is embedded in the screen itself so as to disappear when not in use, new widget like functionality on apps utilizing 3d touch, a dock capable of handling more than 4 functions and a number of new customizations that we'd love to see.  Take a look at the video yourself and let us know what you think in the comments below.


One of the newer, more persistent rumors that have been making the rounds about the iPhone 7 is that it will come sans headphone jack.  The reasoning goes that by using either a wireless protocol for headphones and getting rid of the headphone jack it will enable the company to make a yet thinner device.  In addition it would leave the option open to using some kind of adapter with the lightnight port for those that still want to use their wired headphones.  Marques Brownlee, the resident prince of tech bloggers gives us his take on what's behind the reasoning of leaving the headphone jack off of the iPhone 7 and what his opinion about it is.  What do you think?  Would it be a good idea or not and would you be ok with having your current wired headphones made obsolete on the new iPhone?


There have been rumors for awhile now that Apple has been working on a new smaller variant of their iPhone 6 to appeal to those looking for a smaller footprint phone.  This 4 inch iPhone would also fill the slot that the now aging iPhone 5C did, a slightly less expensive, less powerful model that was still all iPhone and able to run the latest OS.   The above video from the user MIC Gadget, claims it was shot in the Foxconn factory in China where the iPhones are manufactured. 

As can be seen it looks like a shrunken down iPhone 6S right down to white bars on the metal casing and Touch ID button.  There are some questions that have been raised however by 9to5 Mac about if the speaker holes might be a bit big for such a 4 inch device which might hint that this is a fake.  9to5Mac also says the name of this 4 inch model will be the iPhone 5SE   Since there is no larger iPhone 6S or 6S Plus shown in the video it is hard to judge the size comparison, although the size of the phone compared to the hand does make it appear to be a smaller model.  So what do you think?  Is it legit?  Would you like a smaller 4 inch iPhone option compared to the 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch 6S and 6S Plus or iPhone 7 in the same larger sizes?  Let us know in the comments.


Some more interesting information gleamed from the transcripts released during Oracle's lawsuit against Google.  Apparently Google's Android has made $22 billion from Android, and although it's a bit unclear from the transcripts what time period this is referring to, it seems to infer from Oracle's attorney, Annette Hurst that this is since 2008, when Google launched the mobile operating system.  If this is true then it would mean that Google has made less revenue from Android in nearly 8 years than Apple has made in just one quarter.  Apple's earnings release of Sept 2015 shows that the iPhone alone took in $33 Billion in revenue...in just that one quarter alone.

Now of course this isn't really an apples to apples comparison because Apple makes a ton of money from hardware and other products besides the iPhone while Google makes money in addition to its Android business, with the bulk coming from its advertising revenue from it's dominant Google search engine as well as other web services.  Still, it's interesting to see how the business models of the two companies differ and how each reaps its revenue in drastically different ways despite competing head to head in the smartphone space.



With the epic rivalry that has existed between the iPhone and Google's Android it might seem a bit of a mystery why Apple's search bar uses Google as it's search engine of choice.  Well some recently released legal documents shed some light on just why this is, how it has come about and how it benefits both companies.  The documents were released as part of transcripts for a lawsuit between Oracle and Google and as of 2014 Google was paying Apple a cool $1 Billion.  In addition it appears that according to some of the released testimony Google pays Apple 34% of profits it reaps from having its search on Apple devices. It's unclear from the transcripts if this amount has gone up since 2014 but it shows that it's a mutually beneficial relationship between the two companies and it would make sense for Apple, which lacks a search engine as proficient as Google's, to reap these profits from Google's prominent placement on Apple devices.  It also raises the question as to whether Apple might at some point in the future choose to forgo using Google and instead use its own search solution. 



We've seen a number of 'drop tests' of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s in the past but one thing that always bothered us is that they always seem to be sponsored by some phone insurance company or screen protector company, thereby making us think there just might be a bit of conflict of interest in the testing process.  Just think...if nothing breaks then the viewer isn't going to run out and by that insurance or screen protector right?  Well 'everythingapplepro' has done a really stellar drop test comparison video above that pits the older iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus against the newer 6S and 6S Plus.  Best of all, he does this test for his own curiosity and not just because a sponsor is paying him.  The result we think is the best drop test video for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus we've seen.

Starting out dropping each device from waist height, then head height and finally from 10 feet...in three ways...back, side/edge and face down.  Does Apple's new 7000 spec industrial strength aluminum taken from the Apple Watch make a difference in how these new iPhones cope with drops?  Do the new 'S' series iPhones come out with less damage than the older models?  You'll just have to watch the 13 minute long video above.  We think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the results!

iPhone 5S General Discussion / Re: iPhone 5S nfc
« on: January 19, 2016, 08:23:07 PM »
No, the iPhone 5S does not have NFC built in. Only the iPhone 6 and later iPhones have NFC built in.

iPhone 5S General Discussion / Re: Iphone 5S touch id
« on: January 19, 2016, 08:20:50 PM »
Yes.  Touch ID is available on the iPhone 5S and later iPhones.

Site News / Intalled Tapatalk!
« on: January 19, 2016, 08:19:08 PM »
Users of Tapatalk can now access iphonecommunity.net using the Tapatalk app. 

iPhone 5C General Discussion / Re: Does the iphone 5c have ios 9?
« on: January 19, 2016, 08:17:36 PM »
Yes, the iPhone 5C can run the latest version of iOS, which as of this writing is iOS 9.1.

The original iPhone, introduced in 2007 did not include a front facing camera.  Only iPhones with a front facing camera, meaning the iPhone 4 and later can use Facetime.  Any original iPhone or iPhone 3g or 3gs will not work because of the lack of front facing camera.

iPhone 5 General Discussion / Re: How much is an iPhone 5 worth?
« on: January 19, 2016, 08:08:40 PM »
A lot of the value depends on the condition of the phone and the amount of memory.  There are a number of companies that will offer you cash for the phone and then receive it by you mailing it in to them.  Different companies offer differing amounts.  Just as an example I just went to www.gazelle.com and for the 16GB model in 'Good' condition they are paying $65.  For the 64GB model it's $75 and for the 32GB?  Yup, you guess it...$70.  These prices might be more or less depending on the company and also of course the older the phone is the less it'll be worth.   Still...$70 beats nothing and is easier than selling it on Ebay yourself.  Here's a link to the service I used.  It's at https://www.gazelle.com/trade-in/iphone/iphone-5

That's easy.

1. Display whatever you want to take a screenshot on the screen.
2. Press and hold the “Home” button and then press the “Sleep/Wake” button simultaneously.
3. After the screenshot is captured, it will be automatically saved to your iPhone's Camera Roll.

No and yes.  While the iPhone 6S does not come with wireless charging capability out of the box, a number of third party companies do offer wireless charging options for the iPhone 6S.  Most wireless charging options for the iPhone 6S revolve around the Qi wireless charging standard and most solutions consist of some kind of case for the iPhone which plugs into the phone's charging port and the case has the wireless charging element built in so when placed on a Qi charger it charges.  Some companies also offer a 'patch' which attaches to the back of your iPhone, again...with a connector into the power port that other cases can then hide by fitting over the patch.  Again, this lets you put the phone on a Qi charger to charge.  These solutions run the price gamut from as little as about $15 to as much as $100 or more.  Here's some iPhone 6S wireless charging solutions on Amazon:


This board is for all iPhone discussions that do not fit into any other iPhone model specific board or specific topic board.  It's one of our most popular boards for general iPhone discussion.

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