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Author Topic: Give Your iPhone 6/6s A High Quality Wide Angle Lens With Aukey  (Read 839 times)


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Give Your iPhone 6/6s A High Quality Wide Angle Lens With Aukey
« on: January 28, 2016, 05:30:36 PM »

The iPhone 6 and 6S have two of the best cameras in the smartphone world.  Many an amateur and even professional photographer has taken spectacular shots with the iPhone's camera.  But as with any smartphone camera there's tradeoff's to be made with the camera tech to fit in the slim profile of the iPhone.  One of these tradeoffs is the inability to get a truly wide-angle view which can be truly useful in a lot of situations from landscape and outdoor shots to crowd shots or close ups to large objects such as a building where you're trying to fit everything in.  One great solution is the Aukey Wide Angle Optic Pro Lens which you can see above and below.  This lens, which features aluminum construction together with a 5 element, 4 group HD lens lets you either clip the lens directly over your iPhone 6/6S camera or to be mounted on an included case which then fits on your iPhone.

Now without the case if using the clip you have to be careful to line up the lens with the existing iPhone lens but once you do the results are pretty outstanding.  When using the case with the lens mounted it's a little easier, although the case itself doesn't really provide as much protection around the display as Apple 'Made For iPhone' cases so you'll probably just want to use it while using the lens and then revert back to your old case.  Regardless...it's a pretty elegant solution to achieve some really great wide angle shots with your existing iPhone camera.  Above you can see two shots...one with and one without the wide angle adapter....there's quite a difference.

Having this ability can really open up your photo potential on vacations or around town.  Normally priced at $99, you can get the Aukey Wide Angle Lens along with the case and clip all in a kit for just $49.99 on Amazon at the link below.  Aukey also offers other kits such as a telephoto so we've put a link to both below.  Definitely worth checking out if you're a photo aficionado and want to make your iPhone's great camera even more great.

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