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Author Topic: Apple Said To Be Working On Wireless Charging From A Distance For iPhone  (Read 819 times)


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Bloomberg is reporting that Apple could come out with its own wireless charging solution for iPhone as soon as next year.  The analyst reports that Apple has not come out with a wirelessly charging iPhone as of yet, even though the technology is widely available, because it has decided that current wireless charging through a mat or similar close-contact protocol such as Qi is simply not a big enough convenience.  The company is reportedly working on 'wireless charging from a distance' which is something that has been experimented with before by some other companies but faces some technical challenges to be effective. 

In theory the idea is to work similar to a wireless signal where as long as an iPhone was within a certain distance...perhaps a meter or two...of a power transmitting device or station the iPhone could be charged.  The company has suggested in a filed patent that an iMac computer could possibly be used as a power transmitting station as one example  This would mean the phone could be left in a person's pocket or simply placed in a room or on a desk somewhat near the power transmitter instead of precisely set down on a specific spot or mat as is now the case with such charging stations using Qi. 

There are a few different technologies which are being developed for this 'at a distance' wireless charging.   In fact Nicola Tesla himself experimented with this tech.  Some of the modern companies and technologies besides Apple related to this work include include Witricity and MIT's MagMIMO. If Apple can pull this off and create a safe, but effective wireless charging from a distance technology in the iPhone, it could be a real game changer.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that they perfect it.


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