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Author Topic: Report: iPhone 7 Redesign To Lose Camera Bump And Back Antenna Band Lines  (Read 772 times)


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A new report came out today regarding the iPhone 7 design and from what we're hearing it seems the company is looking to listen to some of the complaints of having a protruding camera 'bump' where the lens is and is looking to make the back flat with the new model.  In addition the company will reposition the unflattering antenna band lines more to the side, leaving the back free of clutter. 

Now the above 'mockup' by MacRumors is of the a single lens iPhone 7 but as many of you know if you've been following the news reports lately, Apple is thinking of producing a dual lens design, but perhaps only offering it on the larger, iPhone 7 Plus model.  This would make sense as it would enable the company to upsell current iPhone 6 owners to the more expensive and larger screened plus model and use the upgraded camera with dual lenses as a differentiator to justify the greater cost in addition to the larger screen.   

Of course all this won't play out until later this year in the fall when Apple traditionally introduces its new flagship iPhones.  In the meantime on March 15th it is expected that Apple will hold an event where it will introduce a smaller, 4 inch 'iPhone 5se' as well as a new iPad, the 'iPad 3'.  We're of course give you all the latest info as we find out right here.  What are your thoughts on the iPhone 7 rumors?


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